Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Most Stressful Week Ever

So you probably know by now that Steph, Kate, and I are all admins for GT's Humans vs. Zombies. This is a game that is constantly only kind of not in debt, so this game we decided to do a bake sale to raise some funds. One $100 trip to BJ's later, we had the supplies to feed an army. An army of dessert eating people.

We made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, then ice them with vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate-peanut butter icing. We made two batches throughout the week. If you'd like the recipe for any of these, request it and I can copy it off our written copy.

We also made muffins, puppy chow, and rice crispies. The rice crispies failed miserably (came out a nice crunchy nasty). The puppy chow was amazingly successful and Kate had to make multiple batches, and got powdered sugar all over the living room.

We made oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip (Steph substitutes baking soda for baking powder so they rise better), and double chocolate cookies, that all sold fairly well. (Those peanut butter ones were amazing).

It was a long week, but we sold lots and made a good profit for HvZ. But Kate and Steph may die if they ever attempt that much baking at once again.

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